Bangladesh marked its 48th Victory Day on the 16th December 2018.

After 9 months of war and the loss of 3 million people the Bangladesh Liberation War resulted to the separation of East Pakistan from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and Bangla Desh (later reduced to one word) was born.

The Commanding Officer of Pakistan Armed Forces surrendered in Dhaka at the Ramna Race Course on 16 December 1971.

The national monument, Jatiya Smriti Saudha was built in Savar in memory of those who bravely fought the Bangladesh Liberation War and the Victory Day has been celebrated all over the world ever since.

Yesterday the Bijoy Dibos (Victory Day) was celebrated with parades, polictical speaches, concerts and fairs. Streets were decorated with the national flag and armed forces played orchestra in several areas in the capital.

The Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina message said: “Due to the continuation of Awami League government for 10 years, people at the grassroots are now enjoying the dividends of development. Bangladesh is moving forward and it will continue to do so. The next generation will reap the benefits of a prosperous Bangladesh,”

The celebration commenced with a 31-gun salute at dawn. The families of freedom fighters were joined by the president and the prime minister to pay respect at the National Memorial in Savar. Foreign envoys, various socio political organizations, and the public also gathered to pay tribute to the martyrs.