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Yields on Bangladesh Government Bonds’ Rise Substantially | Sonali Bank | 08 Jan 2019

With the banks unwilling to invest their funds ahead of the December 30th national polls, yields on T-bonds (government treasury bonds) have increased notably. The interest rate, or cut-off yield, on fifteen-year BGTBs (Bangladesh Government Treasury Bonds) rose up to 7.55% from 7.2% from the previous auction, last September, stated the Bangladesh Bank (BB). The  Continue Reading »

IDA18 Allocating Dhaka Additional $2b in Funding | Sonali Bank | 08 Jan 2019

Bangladesh looks set to receive an additional $2 billion in aid funding review 2018. The unused funds will be diverted from other member countries. This was confirmed by officials on Friday. Bangladesh had requested the funding previously. The new, revised IDA18 aid package, it has been confirmed that Bangladesh is set to receive almost all  Continue Reading »