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Marked Increase in Bangladesh Remittance Inflow in October | Sonali Bank | 12 Nov 2018

In Bangladesh, there was a substantial increase in remittance inflow this past October. This follows a decline seen in September earlier this year. With the government encouraging banks to embrace remittance payments, this uptick is definitely a good sign. Utilising the thorough data provided by the Bangladesh Bank, we can examine which banks received what  Continue Reading »

How Technology is Changing Finance and Banking | Sonali Bank | 30 Oct 2018

We’re all aware new technology is continually sweeping in, disrupting industries, and birthing new ones, but how is technology today changing finance and banking? New Kinds of Bank Accounts We’re all familiar with the traditional kinds of bank accounts, you pay to open the account, send your money, and they pay a percentage in interest,  Continue Reading »