Investments | 08 Jan 2019

Yields on Bangladesh Government Bonds’ Rise Substantially | Sonali Bank

With the banks unwilling to invest their funds ahead of the December 30th national polls, yields on T-bonds (government treasury bonds) have increased notably. The interest rate, or cut-off yield, on fifteen-year BGTBs (Bangladesh Government Treasury Bonds) rose up to 7.55% from 7.2% from the previous auction, last September, stated the Bangladesh Bank (BB). The  Continue Reading »

Investments | 08 Jan 2019

IDA18 Allocating Dhaka Additional $2b in Funding | Sonali Bank

Bangladesh looks set to receive an additional $2 billion in aid funding review 2018. The unused funds will be diverted from other member countries. This was confirmed by officials on Friday. Bangladesh had requested the funding previously. The new, revised IDA18 aid package, it has been confirmed that Bangladesh is set to receive almost all  Continue Reading »

Investments | 17 Dec 2018

Victory Day | Sonali Bank

Bangladesh marked its 48th Victory Day on the 16th December 2018. After 9 months of war and the loss of 3 million people the Bangladesh Liberation War resulted to the separation of East Pakistan from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and Bangla Desh (later reduced to one word) was born. The Commanding Officer of Pakistan  Continue Reading »

Notices | 04 Dec 2018

SBUK Press Release

4 December 2018   FCA Publishes Decision Notice 4 December 2018 against former SBUK CEO, Mr Mohammad Ataur Rahman Prodhan. The above Decision Notice has been issued against Mr Prodhan, former CEO at SBUK between 11 April 2012 and 8 May 2015. This FCA Decision Notice has no legal effect or connection with SBUK. The  Continue Reading »

Investments | 16 Nov 2018

Why Our Remittances Are the Easiest Way to Send Money to Bangladesh | Sonali Bank

Our remittance service is one of the quickest, easiest and safest ways to send money to Bangladesh. All it requires is a brief trip to one of our branches, either in London or Birmingham, or you can even do it over the phone. We provide both English and Bengali speakers, making sure you’re looked after  Continue Reading »

Investments | 12 Nov 2018

Marked Increase in Bangladesh Remittance Inflow in October | Sonali Bank

In Bangladesh, there was a substantial increase in remittance inflow this past October. This follows a decline seen in September earlier this year. With the government encouraging banks to embrace remittance payments, this uptick is definitely a good sign. Utilising the thorough data provided by the Bangladesh Bank, we can examine which banks received what  Continue Reading »

Investments | 30 Oct 2018

How Technology is Changing Finance and Banking | Sonali Bank

We’re all aware new technology is continually sweeping in, disrupting industries, and birthing new ones, but how is technology today changing finance and banking? New Kinds of Bank Accounts We’re all familiar with the traditional kinds of bank accounts, you pay to open the account, send your money, and they pay a percentage in interest,  Continue Reading »

Investments | 30 Oct 2018

Saudi Businesses Encouraged to Invest in Growing Bangladeshi Industries | Sonali Bank

Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has extended the invitation to Saudi entrepreneurs to start investing and building within huge emerging sectors and industries. Promising a journey of shared profit and prosperity, as well as full governmental support and cooperation, it’s an offer designed to kick-start investment, and get local industries flourishing. Bangladesh has been rapidly  Continue Reading »

Investments | 17 Oct 2018

The Importance of Having a Commercial Banking Company You Can Trust

When you think about your bank, what comes to mind? Is it a warm feeling of trust and security? Because that’s how it should be. In fact, it’s critical when it comes to your life or business to trust the bank that’s handling all your financial dealings. Without that trust, how can you really rely  Continue Reading »

Notices | 12 Sep 2018

Unclaimed Balances

We would like to remind  our customers that following  the  closure  of  SBUK’s  Retail Accounts  in  December 2017,  all ‘Unclaimed Balances’  have now been transferred to a Trust  Account where they will be held on your behalf by an independent Trustees appointed for that purpose. If you have held an account with the Bank that has  Continue Reading »