Investments | 19 Sep 2019

The Future of Banking? Simplification | Sonali Bank

Convenience is one of the biggest and best boons of the digital age. We can order from Amazon with a single click, instant access to music on Spotify and sign up for social media in less than five minutes. As Alexa and Siri continue to improve, we don’t even need the mouse and keyboard to  Continue Reading »

Investments | 19 Sep 2019

2019 Trends Redefining Banking Services | Sonali Bank

As we approach the latter half of 2019, key trends are emerging across the banking industry. With new technology changing how people interact with and utilise their banking services, new threats to online banking security and data privacy taking priority. Some major changes are happening in the industry, with effects that’ll be felt for years  Continue Reading »

Investments | 07 Jun 2019

The Value of Multilingual Banking Services | Sonali Bank

With so many banking services offering so many different things out there, it can be hard to know which suits you best and which you should choose. Multilingual services can be a great benefit to some customers, especially when it comes to overseas banks. Here’s how multilingual banking services can prove valuable. Multilingual Services are  Continue Reading »

Investments | 21 May 2019

Why Cybersecurity and Innovative Tech is the Key to Reliable Banking | Sonali Bank

Cybersecurity and innovative design are important to every industry, but with more and more of banking being based across the web, it’s especially important to banking. Here’s why that is. Cybersecurity is Essential When It Comes to Trusting Your Bank When it comes to knowing whether or not you can rely upon your bank, you  Continue Reading »

Investments | 02 Apr 2019

How the Smartphone Has Changed Banking | Sonali Bank

Over the last twenty-five years, you’d be hard-pressed to find an industry or individual not affected in some way by the smartphone revolution. With the number of mobile phone users set to rise to 4.68 billion this year, the fact is inescapable; mobiles have changed our society massively. Banking is no different. With all major  Continue Reading »

Investments | 28 Mar 2019

Why Customer Loyalty is Key to Great Banking | Sonali Bank

We live in an age of multitudinal banking options. From the classic high street options to the numerous online-only offerings, the amount of choice can be staggering. One clear thing sets aside the very best when it comes to banking, customer loyalty. Customer loyalty is a difficult thing to foster in this day and age.  Continue Reading »

Investments | 20 Feb 2019

In the Next Five Years, Numbers of Bangladesh Rich Set to Rise by Over 10% | Sonali Bank

In the coming five years, the number of HNW (high net-worth individuals) across Bangladesh is set to grow by around 11 percent, making Bangladesh part of a minority of countries with an increase of wealthy individuals in double figures. This is according to the data and latest reports gathered and presented by the research firm,  Continue Reading »

Investments | 05 Feb 2019

The Four Questions You Need To Be Asking When It Comes To Your Overseas Bank | Sonali Bank

When it comes to setting yourself up with an overseas bank, there are many different facets that you need to think about. From languages and services, to currencies and time differences, utilising an overseas bank can be a little tricky. However, with the right overseas bank, you can expect smooth sailing and quick easy transactions  Continue Reading »

Investments | 08 Jan 2019

Yields on Bangladesh Government Bonds’ Rise Substantially | Sonali Bank

With the banks unwilling to invest their funds ahead of the December 30th national polls, yields on T-bonds (government treasury bonds) have increased notably. The interest rate, or cut-off yield, on fifteen-year BGTBs (Bangladesh Government Treasury Bonds) rose up to 7.55% from 7.2% from the previous auction, last September, stated the Bangladesh Bank (BB). The  Continue Reading »

Investments | 08 Jan 2019

IDA18 Allocating Dhaka Additional $2b in Funding | Sonali Bank

Bangladesh looks set to receive an additional $2 billion in aid funding review 2018. The unused funds will be diverted from other member countries. This was confirmed by officials on Friday. Bangladesh had requested the funding previously. The new, revised IDA18 aid package, it has been confirmed that Bangladesh is set to receive almost all  Continue Reading »