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 ||   Today's GBP - TAKA Rate  113.40   ||    [  Last updated  18/05/2018  ]
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Trade Finance

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Trade Finance


Trade Finance is one of the traditional areas which Sonali Bank (UK) Ltd has developed over the years to facilitate business transactions particularly with Bangladesh.

The bulk of Bangladesh's imports payments under Letters of Credit from Europe and the Far East are handled by us. The department has an experienced team to deal with various aspects of Documentary Credit transactions and bank to bank reimbursements in all major currencies.

We act as an active correspondent for Sonali Bank Ltd, Bangladesh and other Bangladeshi banks for advising, confirming and reimbursement of Letters of Credit. With an excellent correspondent network across Europe and America, we maintain accounts in all major currencies to facilitate trade transactions. The range of Trade Finance activities of Sonali Bank (UK) Ltd. include:

  1. Documentary Credits (sight, usance and transferable)
    • Export Letters of Credit
    • Import Letters of Credit
    • Confirmations
    • Negotiations
    • Discounting
    • Assignment of proceeds
  2. Collections
    • Documentary
    • Clean
  3. Reimbursements
    • Bank to bank reimbursements

Staff proficient in English and Bengali, both written and spoken.

For further details contact Mr. Kazim Ather +44 (0)20 7877 8226 or any member of the Foreign Trade Department team +44 (0)20 7877 8216,


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